Don't worry, it happens to everyone, everyday.

I've just finished recording my first screencast, and while I was reviewing it I got surprised by the low quality of it. Rather, I got surprised by the high quality of videos out there, which makes mine seem really low-end. It's true, recording audio through hangouts on my phone whilst recording the screen on my computer isn't the best idea, but I haven't invested into a mic yet.

I even had to cut lots of parts where I just kind of froze or went 'Umm', 'Ehmm' for a few seconds, which, obviously, doesn't make the video any better. But hey, it's my first time recording myself while coding and I had a lot of fun so it was totally worth it.

I hope to watch this in a couple of months and feel proud of my progress. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Stay tuned for more videos!